Wyatt – Self-titled EP

Do you ever have dreams where you get that rush of blood to the head, the feeling of a heartbeat running away, palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy?* Did you know that there is actually a man that rules this alternate dream-like reality you experience? He knows how to create a world that whispers this intense sensuality into your core – penetrating and taking hold of your very subconscious.

I say don’t fight it, don’t seek the need to wake up, stay trapped in this beautiful delusion because it’s for your own good. There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home when you’re with Wyatt.

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Wyatt is the solo project of the manager of Brisbane trio MTNS. He is also known by his real name Jarryd Shuker, and as keys player for Art of Sleeping.

His debut EP was produced on a raft, stranded in the middle of the ocean as it drifted further and further into the unknown in search of paradise ­– lush, cinematic, oceanic bliss (metaphorically speaking of course, unless Wyatt, can you confirmed this for us?).

Music that consumes you, music that helps focus all your energy into a passion that drives you, music that is so spine-tingling you can’t help but experience a shivering overload due to the cold weather, and music that is so beautiful you want to cry, has been made discoverable after fellow artists shared his EP with the world – I first discovered Wyatt through Vancouver Sleep Clinic, then through GOVS, and now here it is for you to enjoy through Happy.

The meticulous detail in every song should not be taken for granted. There is so much going on in each track, with each instrumental layer adding another dimension.

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Now that I have your attention, the opening track, Attention, is incredibly captivating with its smoky vocals, hypnotic and deep beats and the distant crackle of vinyl. Wyatt’s very breathing is so sultry, it is utterly overwhelming.

Wyatt will take you away and give you can escape with the track, Places. The acoustic piano instrumentation, combined with slapping beats and hollow echoing vocals, will have your body rocking and head nodding back and forth in unrestrained approval.

There’s something about Wyatt – he’s just so mysterious. If you want to know what magic sounds like, then you’ve come to the right place. Wyatt is your man.

*Jen would like to apologise for the references to very mainstream music, which happened unintentionally as she went off into her poetic tirade. Here at Happy we have a finer appreciation for supporting and promoting less “mainstream” artists (in the event they became big because Happy helped them reach that elevated status, at which point we will reject the previous statement).

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