Introducing: Community Radio

In their off-time, when they’re not offering an alternative, third model to commercial and public radio broadcasting corporations, Sydney band Community Radio are meeting the community’s need for laidback indie licks.

community radio band

Check out Community Radio at our upcoming HEAD! event on the 22nd of August playing along side Jack Colwell and Atlas B Salvesen.

The three lads and one lass play some upbeat skewed pop, with delicious capsicum pieces adding flavour to the all-encompassing meaty taste of indie pop/rock. Recently, they’ve just released two two-song ‘EPettes’ in the last 3 months; Sick in the Car popped out in May, and Real Transformation was delivered in June.

Four songs is a bit thin to review a band on, so I went out about and discovered their other digital depositories. And you’ll never guess what site they use. Actually, you’d probably get it on your second or third guess… it’s Myspace! How cool is that? (in like, a Peter Garrett sort of way)

On there, there are songs like Serious Magic and Taste the Danger (not on either EPette, but are found on Community Radio’s myspace – no that wasn’t a joke, actual real life myspace), that follow their pattern of rockabillyness welded to tuckered-out-baby calmness. Community Radio manages to strike a good balance between these two almost-opposed aural sentiments – the song Real Transformation even manages to have a sick little solo, which is one more solo than the donkey bollocks that was St. Anger.

Interestingly, Community Radio manages to produce music that has a weird, intangible aspect to it. With metal, you headbang. EDM makes you gabber or shuffle or something (soz, I’m not au fait with dance styles). The only appropriate physical reaction to Community Radio isn’t very apparent. Do I clap and sing along? Do I sway side to side? Do I form a wall of death? Do I make snide comments about Metallica? I really don’t know.

Wait. I do know. I’ll chillbang! Sweet.

So if you’re into this sort of myspace-usin’, slow-cookin’ indie-rockin’ or general non-profit institutions that are meeting the needs of communities not catered to by the commercial and public sectors of the radio broadcasting industry, then be sure to see these fellas rock out @ Happy’s HEAD! – next Friday, the 22nd of August alongside Atlas B Salvesen and Jack Colwell at FBi Social.



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