Yawdoesitall drops the sweet sweet mood that is ‘Love Jones’

Hell yeah, Yawdoesitall ‘Love Jones’ is a total mood, just try not to get down to this sweet sweet number

In the wake of the triumph of his latest release, the vivacious track ‘DOOFENSHMIRTZ’, Yawdoesitall, the talented emcee hailing from Eora/Sydney, returns with ‘Love Jones’.

This new offering is a vibrant, R&B-infused gem, drawing inspiration from the beloved 1997 cinematic classic of the same name.

'LOVE JONES' Yawdoesitall

Behind the boards, Jameson weaves his production magic, while the final touches of mixing and mastering were expertly handled by none other than Deja Miru, known for their work with KAHUKX, DSP, and Jaecy.

‘Love Jones’ charts a slightly different course from Yaw’s previous single, boasting a sultry, captivating bassline that complements Yaw’s distinctive, emotionally charged delivery—a blend of hard-hitting verses and irresistibly melodic refrains.

In a surprising turn, Yaw steps into the realm of singing, showcasing his vocal prowess on the chorus with a hook that lingers in the memory long after the last note fades away.

According to Yawdoesitall, ‘Love Jones’ was originally conceived as a collaborative effort with Tawanda and Devaura. The groundwork for the beat was laid by Jameson and his brother Eduardo, with Yaw penning a verse to match.

The collaborative spirit continued as Devaura and Yaw teamed up for the hook. Initially, Yaw envisioned Devaura taking the lead on vocals, but ultimately, he took the plunge—a decision that paid off handsomely, resulting in a beautifully rendered chorus.

Yaw then rounded out the track, though he hints at an alternate version featuring Devaura and Tawanda that may see the light of day in the future.

Thematically, the song delves into Yaw’s perspective on the timeless narrative of ‘Love Jones’ . It navigates the complexities of bidding farewell to past relationships, acknowledging that sometimes, the good times must suffice.

Yaw eloquently poses the poignant question, “Is a good thing not enough?”, a subtle plea to his partner, suggesting that the memories were cherished, despite the eventual parting of ways. The verses deftly contrast, touching on the struggle to bear the weight of saving a loved one, transitioning to the resignation of leaving matters to a higher power.

For those eager to experience ‘Love Jones’ live, mark your calendars for Friday, October 21st. Marys Underground in Sydney, NSW, will play host to this special event, where Yawdoesitall will be hit the stage in support of the acclaimed artist Redveil from the US. Don’t miss out—secure your tickets and prepare for an evening of musical magic.