Your Favourite Candy Melting Backwards and Forwards is not the first thing you want to see on a Monday but…

…it is most definitely worth a look! You Tuber and all round inter-web lord Erwin Trummer is at it again and this time it has us spinning out of control in an existential crisis of sorts. What are we? Where did we come from you? Where do we go after we die? Is Princess Bubblegum real? And so on.

melting candy video

Where do we go after we die and are we even real at all? These questions and more after watching this video first thing on a Monday morning. Halp!

Vice’s Creator project had this to say:

How to describe the pleasure of watching a colorful, perfectly-formed gummy bear bubble over into oblivion? Is it simply the scientific thrill of seeing a plastic material pushed to the limit that scratches the itch of pure curiosity? Is it glory in the power of fire that Greek legend says Prometheus stole from the gods so that humans could surpass them? Or perhaps it’s the wrathful rejection of a symbol of capitalistic inauthenticity—an artificially colored and flavored treat, designed to appeal to our basic consumptive instincts by resembling both a berry and a cartoon character?

Erwin Trummer’s footage of sour ribbons and chocolate bunnies and M&Ms and gummy hearts descending into chaos is set to Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons,” and their juxtaposition is simply perfect. The confections burst and then rewind from the brink of death while workhorse violins get the blood pumping. Overall it’s a simple experiment on Trummer’s part gone terribly right, like Jesse Robinson’s melting popsicles, or the opposite of Adam Hillman’s carefully-arranged candy Instagrams.