Yuck from Alpine is brilliantly awkward

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After their first album A For Alpine blew everyone away and really created a stir back in 2012, Alpine are back with album number 2, Yuck. And it’s even more brilliant than we were expecting. This Melbourne six-piece have produced an album that is truly relatable to, and according to vocalist Phoebe Baker, “It’s a biography. When you realise you have to get yourself out of your own funks, you have all these opportunities you can grasp or let them go”, which is something I’m sure most of us have gone through at some stage or another.

Alpine LP

Alpine have stepped up for the sophomore album to craft a brilliant pop record.

Released on 12 July through Ivy League Records, this 10 track album was built on the group’s “yuck” reactions to “first world problems”. In a recent chat front-women Lou James and Phoebe Baker described these first world problems as awkward dates, awkward hook-ups… basically just awkward situations. So if you’re an awkward person, then this album will definitely resonate with you. And hey, if you’re not the most awkward of humans, this album will just make you feel better about yourself.

Come On kicks the album off with a funky, cosmic vibe, and after only a few seconds, boom… you’re entranced straight away. It starts off pretty calm and soft, but just keeps building and ends on some pretty sweet drum beats. It’s the perfect way to introduce us to the long player and sets the mood for the ride that is going to be Yuck. Shot Fox has a similar sound to Come On, and produces some really interesting sounds. Combined with the beautiful vocals of James and Baker, these tracks deliver sounds that will make you float away into your own little daydream world.

Tracks like Foolish and Much More bring through some more pop and cheery sounds. Foolish encompasses all of our favourite Alpine sounds that we expect to hear and delivers spine tingling vocal melodies. Much More is quite simple and striped back but draws you in none the less. It kind of works as a mid-album showcase for how pure and flawless James and Barker’s vocals are. It has a super chilled vibe, but still exudes indie pop sounds.

Yuck most certainly is not yuck to listen to. It is a mixture of stunning and entrancing sounds that are laced with a hint of awkwardness. Based on the reaction that Foolish has had, this album will keep fans satisfied. And to top it all off, Alpine will be touring from the end of June, so if you feel like getting weird and awkward, go and grab yourself a ticket!

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