GiggedIn are presenting Alpine in an exclusive show and helping reshape the Live Music Scene

A Netflix for music has taken Sydney by storm. Music, gigs, artists and a stress free pass to all the latest and greatest music Sydney has to offer all in one place is bloody finally here. No greenroom, not wait lines, in and out; how gaining the hottest ticket should be. How could this get any sweeter? Add Melbourne’s Alpine to the line up and you have yourselves a deal. GiggedIn has taken over both rooms at the Oxford Art Factory and have announced an intimate show with Alpine to ensure their members are getting everything they desire this May.


No green room, no waiting in line, no fluff about the distance between audience and artist. GiggedIn are being down right decent, presenting Alpine in an intimate, no-nonsense, exclusive show. It is time to treat yo self.

Alpine has dished out a deliciously hearty album ‘YUCK’ (it is anything but yuck) that has us starving for seconds. Founded in 2009, the band features the dual vocals of front women Phoebe Baker and Lou James, Christian O’Brien on guitar, Ryan Lamb on bass, Tim Royall on keys and Phil Tucker on drums. Signed with Ivy League Records (Australia) and Votiv Records (USA), the group is taking the world by storm with their latest album available in Australia, New Zealand, America and the UK in June, with mesmerising, captivating “sophisticated pop music.”

Alpine has a super easy listening, earthy sound with a flare of pop and rock. Their new single FOOLISH is a perfect example of everything they have to offer. It’s funky and up-tempo encouraging us to sway along the whole time. The overlap of vocals, as well as a vague echo in sound, adds a relaxing element to the song. They carry this relaxation and loose flowing atmosphere throughout their songs and its what makes them so alluring. The music fluctuates from soft to bold, creating a seesaw of energy, keeping us motivated in listening. The smooth vocals keep us grounded in the moment. Before you even realise it, you’ve listened to their whole album. They’ll be leaving people in awe after their intimate show with GiggedIn, if only you can rewind live music.

Together this pair will bring the Sydney music scene to the peak of its popularity. Along with Alpine, GiggedIn has produced artists like Motez, Last Dinosaurs and many other artists people are craving because they’re fresh and current among the ‘what is good for your ears’ scene. Creating their own content of exclusive shows, with an on-going Fringe festival in Sydney that anyone can have a golden ticket to, GiggedIn is reshaping the way Australians experience live music.

What’s the go? It’s as easy as one, two, subscribe and groove on to the access of up to 20 shows each week and Happy readers are getting the VIP treatment. Using the code FRIENDSOFHAPPY, you’ll get 30 percent off their first month (expires at the end of May 2016) of GiggedIn fun. Get amongst it! This is an amazing time for the music scene. Sydney venues are facing trouble times (#keepsydneyopen) and GiggedIn is working to get people out of their homes and into venues by bringing us the artists we are dying to get up close and personal with. So much yes up in here.