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So how does a turntable work? Find out what keeps the record spinning in this slick video

Capturing the immaculate, vivid sound that can only be produced by a record player (or in an actual recording studio) is not an easy task for many sound devices.

Apart from the initial elegant appearance, turntable builds are a rare device that have a unique design with an even more unique, raw sound to follow. 

how does a turntable work?

So, how does a turntable work? With over 240 parts working in unison it can be confusing, but this video breaks it down to basics.

Why is it that vinyl sounds better than digitally downloaded music? With the perfect balance to allow maximum stability that can withstand a room full of people dancing, the record player is a work of art designed to deliver the best quality sound. The below video will give you a run down of just how amazingly precise old-school technology is.

So, how does it work? The pure carbon stylus follows the tiny grooves in the vinyl with extreme precision. An electric current is then generated by the end of a cantilevered arm, which operates the super miniature copper.

The current then hits the mini amplifier and speakers, creating that flawless sound responsible for vinyl making a comeback. As the video mentions, the stylus can reproduce music exactly as its produced in the studio as long as the record spins at a constant speed, without any wobbles. 

Even if you think that sounds simple, there’s a ton of tiny parts you’d never know about keeping things in order. Check out the video below.

Did you know there’s only one vinyl pressing facility in Australia? Read our interview with Paul Rigby of Zenith Records here.


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June 7, 2017