#1 Dads

Remember when Belgian Blues was playing on the radio constantly, and Big Scary were the buzz band of the year? Yeah, I guess that was about this time last year. Tom Iansek is the frontman for Big Scary, and the man responsible for the haunting, crooning vocals that made us all pay attention in the first place.

#1 dadsAs brooding and beautiful as you’d except from one half of Big Scary is Return To, the first taste of Tom Iansek’s forthcoming release as #1 Dads.

Big Scary have been lying pretty low since the release of their debut album, Not Art, last year. But Tom has been nothing but busy. Lending his production skills to various other independent Australian bands and artists, including Hockey Dad, Step-Panther and Airling, he’s also created his own solo work under the moniker #1 Dads.

It landed in my inbox a couple of days ago and my god, it is exquisite. Perfectly poetic and soft in the way you’d expect from half of Big Scary, Iansek laments the past, bringing it to the forefront of our brains once again.

About Face is the full-length album from #1 Dads, and will be released August 8th, 2014 through Pieater. Your first taste of the record comes with the track Return To. Mixing classical piano with electronic percussion and those cut-to-the-heart vocals, it wouldn’t be out of place as the opening track to a film – one that laments notions of loss, desire and the mundane.

Featuring collaborations with Ainslie Wills, Tom Snowdon and Airling, About Face is close to perfection. Do yourselves a favour and jump the queue by pre-ordering it here.