10 More Aussie Music Blogs your heat has been longing for

10 Aussie music blogs you need in your life part 2

We’re back at it again to bring you 10 more of the finest music blogs to intravenously ingest all the best new tunes, topics and shows on offer in our indulgently enormous country. With this much content to fill your boots with, you’ll never need another hobby. Get reading!

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Still hungry for some succulent morsels of Australian music? Here are 10 more places to find the best music from the best Aussie music blogs.


A music blog which began with a particular focus on photography and visual media, adamNOTeve seems to never take its collective finger off Australia’s hard grooving musical pulse. With humble beginnings working as a photographer for another one of our entrants, I Oh You, Aleksander Jason has built his blog empire through gathering a 60 strong legion of creatives and music enthusiasts to bring you vibrant reviews, the freshest premieres and, of course, some awesome pics. (adamNOTeve)


The self confessed “smallest music blog on the internet” Tunesday still manages to pump out content like a McDonalds burger line pumps out sweet, sweet Big Macs. Lachy Simpson, the creator of Tunesday maintains a delicious original recipe of, as the title suggests, posting one track each Tuesday and musing on its benefit to music and the world around it. Tunesday is an accessible and down home blog written with love and it’s a perfect way to encounter the best Aussie music on offer. (Tunesday)

I Oh You

A veritable behemoth of Aussie music, I Oh You was born from a raucous house party put together by four mates hoping to scrape together some shrapnel to save from being evicted. Fast forward half a decade and I Oh You has grown into one of Melbourne’s most loved club nights playing host to a warm casserole of tasty DJ’s and acts including the likes of Foals and OFWKTA. With the night now popping up in both Sydney and Brisbane, I Oh You show no signs of slowing down their boogie locomotive (sick song name, no one steal it…). With a blog up and running with a Things We Froth section, (not to mention growing into one of the biggest indie labels in the country) the guys are effortlessly supplying Australia with some of the most scrumptious morsels of music in the bloggosphere. (I Oh You)

Soundproof Kennel

The good people over at Soundproof Kennel have a mission: to show off the best unsigned acts in Australia by posting and writing about sugary jams and tangy live acts. Since 2013 their no bull approach to sharing great tracks has garnered a nice little following and a distinctive edge for Soundproof Kennel. They can do no wrong when posting about some of Happy’s favourites including Summer Flake. Keep up the good work, guys! (Soundproof Kennel)


Another blog from humble bedroom beginnings, Semplesize has grown to unprecedented proportions and is undergoing some major, if slightly saddening changes. Founder and fearless leader, Laura Semple has decided to move on and hand the baton to a new generation of musical soldiers, fighting the glorious battle to share succulent tunes to the masses. Despite these changes, Semplesize is going incredibly strong and is a part of the Vice blogging network, a huge achievement for any burgeoning team of creatives. The team at Semplesize continues to slap us silly with the slipperiest new tracks and freshest music news as well as dabbling in fashion. Be sure to check out their Babe of the Week section for your weekly dose of babes. (Semplesize)

Canberra Music Blog

Don’t be fooled by the name, Canberra Music Blog is anything but boring. Flying the flag high and proud for Canberrans everywhere tired of being dragged for living close to politicians, the Canberra Music Blog posts about the most shining nuggets of gold in the Canberra music scene. Proving that Canberra can keep it just as real as any other major Aussie city, Canberra Music Blog is the perfect place to discover great new tunes and learn about a scene that is vibrant and thriving in our capital. (Canberra Music Blog)

Me And All My Friends

Otherwise known as MAAMF, which is a really fun word to say, Me And All My Friends is one of the hardest working blogs around bringing us salivating animals a nice juicy slab of new music every month in the form of a mixtape. Keeping with the simple mixtape formula has made MAAMF stand out amongst the crowd and their no bull approach is perfect for any music fan looking to find some of Australia’s best new tunes to drool over in copious amounts at regular intervals, yum. (MAAMF)


Another part of the Vice network of jewels, Supermegatrend is an Aussie blog with a specific focus on local and international Hip Hop, Soul and RnB. Supplying every funky Aussie with their regular dose of groove, Supermegatrend is a classy and brilliantly crafted blog that’s straight to the point when it comes to the best of the best in the world of music. As the old saying goes “don’t settle for being only super or mega or trend, aspire to all three”. Beautiful. (Supermegatrend)

Wild n’ Free

These guys reckon they’re “Melbourne’s most eloquent music blog” woah, big call. But seriously, the posts found on Wild n’ Free are concise and joyous to behold. Wild n’ Free is the type of blog you could spend all day on without tiring and even show it to your grandmother. Posting about a unique array of Australian music and art, Wild n’ Free is another perfect blog to chew on like a sour grape zappo until you can’t open your mouth for fear of dribbling fluorescent purple saliva over your keyboard. What a time to be alive. (WildnFree)

Indie 30

Last but by no means least, Indie 30 brings us only the finest musical content and are also digging other Aussie music blogs! Aren’t we the cutest industry of superfriends? Indie 30 brings some great content and it’s signature weekly top 30 lists are a dazzling way to insert some new music into your longing ears. So for those of you with tears on your pillow about the severe lack of great music in the modern age, morose and pessimistic about any hope for ‘the next Led Zep’ just remember, we’re here for you. If you dig just a tad deeper under the surface, peel back a few layers, turn left at the stairway to heaven and you’ll find blogs like Indie 30 spreading the gospel: music isn’t dead, it’s living harder and faster than all of us, we just need to catch up. (Indie 30)

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