PREMIERE: Want to get messy on your Friday? Get started with the loose skuzz-pop of Split Visions’ Someday I’ll Run On Time / Bird

A few cool cats from Sydney that get into some backyard cricket every now and again; Split Visions are your typical skuzzy-pop band trying to break into the scene. This awesome foursome includes Albert Sherley (vox and synth), Benbo Nelson (guitar, xylophone), Gen De Guingand (bass, guitar) and Brian (drums, he’s like Prince and doesn’t have a last name) a raucous lot who all like to have a bash on the six-string and play singer.

Split Visions

Split Visions are redefining lo-fi with their messy, noisey and awesome skuzz-rock on double single Someday I’ll Run On Time / Bird.

Making some waves for about a year now the band made it onto triple J’s Unearthed in January last year with their single All Day Long. They’ve since rolled out a few more singles including Never Coming Back and Long Time To Get Nowhere. The band is still raw in their sound, and as they continue to find their feet one might they have released a double feature so get ready to skuzz the fuck out.

The double sided single consists of two very tracks hitting different ends of the skuzz-pop spectrum. I should clarify that genre; it’s when the music is… angular, it’s dry, it’s different, it’s unusual, it’s nice. The band does it extremely well with a good mix of synth and authentic sound, dry vocals and a good bass beat.

Someday I’ll Run On Time is the first track of the pair. It’s a speedy little number that would run circles around the Road Runner. It’s got a fast bass line and quick chord changes on the guitar. This contrasts great with the vocals, which are muzzled and echoed over the track. If you’re a fan of The Goon Sax or Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever this will be right up your alley. There is even a hint of early work from The Strokes, the bare bones approach is charming in its lo-fi way.

The other side of this coin is Bird. The music has a few more layers to it, which sounds incredible. I love the quaint little electric guitar in the background and the lyrics have a few layers too which really evens things out. The lead vocals hit you hard, while underneath there is a very bizarre story recited. It’s pretty hilarious and definitely worth the listen.