The Tooth Fairy has left us the best present with Loose Tooth’s Bites Will Bleed

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Everyone knows the sensation that accompanies a loose tooth. It’s an addictive pleasure that you can’t help but play around with. Aptly named is Melbourne’s Loose Tooth, a three-piece band playing effervescent garage pop and creating memorable tunes that keep you coming back for more. When their music ends, you’re left with a gap waiting to be filled.

Loose Tooth bites will bleed

This is one Loose Tooth you’ll want to put under your pillow. The reward? Some smashing garage rock by the way of Bites Will Bleed.

Describing their genre as haunting garage pop, the trio plunge into the nitty gritty and create terrifying brilliant sounds. With Etta Curry on drums and vocals, Nellie Jackson on guitar and vocals, and Luc Dawson bass and vocals, the three-piece are the typical face of garage pop and you can bet that’s a good thing. After releasing their first single Everything Changes in August 2014, the band has teamed up Milk! Records to bring to life their debut EP Saturn Returns. A taste of what’s to come is packaged in their latest single Bites Will Bleed.

Bites Will Bleed is a high energy, up-tempo song that dives right into the music from the get go. We are instantly hit with roaring, heavy guitar riffs, quickly followed by the thumping of the drum. The energy throughout the song is steady and consistent. Given the intensity of the music from the beginning, the song seems to be missing that electrifying moment of tension that explodes and hooks you in undoubtedly. The music alone doesn’t elicit any particular feeling, although it is undeniably, bewilderingly engaging. The use of dense sounds emulates the haunting garage pop sensation and produces a rough but extremely charismatic tune.

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Vocals are placid in comparison to the rapidity of the instruments, a contrast that is comforting when heard against intense music. They are smooth and distract from the heavy guitar. The vocals steal the focus. “You put a spell on me, wave your magic wand when you please, you are my mystery”, sung in a very melodic tune, the words echoed throughout and elongated, create a brooding tension and expose a state of resentment and rejection, tough emotions a listener can sympathize with.

The backing vocals “your bites will bleed” are echoed further and eerily sung, brewing an edgy tension and a sense of mystery. It’s almost impossible to pull your attention away from the vocals. They are enchanting as a result of their strength and effortless transitions into the following verse, creating a smooth flowing and easy to follow tune with a hypnotic and enigmatic atmosphere.

Loose Tooth’s EP has been long anticipated and finally the wait is over. On April 1 fans will be able to get their hands on the debut EP Saturn Returns. The band dreamed of creating “a heavenly racket” and its safe to say their dreams have been fulfilled.