Why would you need a VPN if you have every streaming service?

Here is every reason bloggers and business owners need to get their hands on a reliable VPN.

Did you know that VPNs aren’t just for hiding your IP address so you can safely download the latest Marvel film, or get access to all those sweet Netflix titles hidden from you by stupid international copyright agreements?

I remember a time before Netflix and Stan and Binge and oh my god, how many damn streaming services do I have? Well, whatever. I remember when we used to have to download off some dingy site using a VPN to watch my favourite movies and tv shows. I’ll be honest with you, for a while there I thought I would only ever need a VPN to watch something.

Do I need a VPN

Credit: Andrew Neel

As it turns out, VPNs are an ideal tool for bloggers and business owners. To ensure that you, the internet’s finest blogger, can curate premium content on the litany of topics you’re an expert in, you need access to information, which is on websites, which are often protected by geo-restrictions. You can’t have that if you want to rock the hottest blog around.

Having a VPN enables you to slice through geological restrictions and regional censorship, paving the way for more resources, content, and better research, which means a better blog.

If you’re a music lover who blogs about what’s going on in the world of music, don’t you want access to actually see what’s going on in the whole world?

Or maybe you are just trying to upload a pirated peak of the latest Batman movie? We’re not here to judge. Either way, you’re going to need a VPN for that.

The Surf Shark VPN will enable you, for a fair price, to access restricted media, licensed images and more, while protecting your data, location, and everything else.

We all know that whatever website builder you use, you’re going to make purchases for it to outshine all the other blogs and businesses. You’ll probably want to pay for a domain name, website themes, and fandangle plugins that make your customers and blog visitors go “oooooh!”. Well, a VPN will make sure your financial details are always under lock and key, so you can sleep easy.

No one likes pop-up ads either. They stink. And sites like Google and Facebook aren’t shy about sharing your data with advertisers. Using a VPN masks business and blog IP addresses to prevent surveillance from third party sites – no more trying to click on a tiny little “x” to close an annoying pop-up!

As a budding business or blogger, you probably don’t have the deep pockets of a Zuckerberg or a Bezos, and you need affordability! Surf Shark offers this with several Oliver Twist friendly payment plans.

They’re also kind enough to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, as well as 24/7 uber-friendly customer service. They’ve got a shit tonne of servers to choose from, which means a better internet connection too! And, if your service cuts out mid-blog upload, their Kill Switch feature keeps your data secure even if the connection drops by “killing” the internet connection, sweet, eh?