2pac’s childhood poetry is being auctioned at an estimated $300k

A book of unpublished childhood poems written by 2pac is now up for grabs, at an estimated value of $300,000.

2pac fans rejoice! (or don’t, depending on your budget). A collection of haiku poems and illustrations, produced by late rap icon, Tupac Amaru Shakur, have now been placed on auction by Sotheby’s, with an ever-so-casual value estimate of $300,000 USD.

These previously-unseen works, reportedly written at age 11, were supplied by his godfather, Jamal Joseph; a former Black Panther Activist who received the booklet from little 2pac as a gift over 40 years ago.

2pac poems auctioned
Credit: The Brag Media

Also included in the collection of sale items is a series of “love letters from 2Pac to a cherished sweetheart,” which were apparently written at 17-years-old, before the artist’s career kicked off. In the video below, 2pac’s godfather recites one of the hip hop legend’s early works:

“Black. Black is our colour. We were born black in Africa. I am black and proud. This is dedicated to my family, who are imprisoned for trying to build a better nation for me. Stay strong.”

In the clip, Jamal also discusses his own experience of being involved in The Black Panther Movement.

“When Tupac was born, I was there as one of his Panther uncles and his godfather. Tupac was always energetic, was always curious, was always the leader. When I went to prison, Tupac would write letters of encouragement, would tell us about a rally or demonstration that we had, and always saying, be strong, you’re coming home soon.”

black panthers
Jamal Joseph at a Black Panther rally. Credit: YouTube

As part of Sotheby’s second annual “Art and Influence of Hip Hop” auction, online bids are now open for 2pac’s childhood poetry book, along with other iconic hip hop memorabilia. So if you’re a hardcore 2pac stan, and you feel like making it rain, you better get in quick. Bidding closes this Wednesday 30 March at 12pm EDT.

“This series expands on the generational, geographic, and artistic scope of Hip Hop’s creative narrative,” says Sotheby’s Global Head of Science and Pop Culture, Cassandra Hatton. “From the ’70s to the present, from the East Coast to the West, The Art and Influence of Hip Hop seeks to represent and honour the voices and visionaries who continue to move the crowd and redefine culture.”