16 BITZ will transport you to another world on The Video Game

Concept albums are hard to do well, but producer 16 BITZ has pretty well nailed it. The underground NZ-born, Canadian-raised and South Korea-based producer is a global citizen aiming to inspire people across the world.

His new seven-track album The Video Game traverses effortlessly through different stages, encapsulating the concept of a game on every level.

16 BITZ the video game

16 BITZ’s new album The Video Game is an instrumental concept album so carefully thought out on every level that you’ll be left fully immersed.

This ode to 90s video games commences with a novel take on old-school video game music, with a real reflective feel to it. The clashing sounds of the piano, bass, and various other lo-fi sounds create a space that will leave you feeling like some sort of avatar.

Level 2 definitely steps up the intensity, and this continued progression throughout all the ‘levels’ is a huge part of what makes this concept album so successful – it takes you on an unbelievable journey from start to finish.

Each subsequent ‘level’ brings its own unique feel, much like a new location in a video game. As the album progresses, the increasing intensity eventually leads us to an epic climax.

Reaching Level 6 The Boss, the suspense is palpable. It captures the increased heart rate and anxiety that comes in the final moments of any game. The tension is finally relieved for The End Credits, again just as if we were playing a video game.

In ending on The End Credits you’re left feeling accomplished, inspired and badass. This is a fantastic record for motivation and self-esteem, especially if you’ve ever played a video game and been on that journey.

Find a spare 20 minutes – this album is a must listen! Check it out above.