Luke Station takes a deep dive into the immersive magic of video game music

Sydney’s sensational multi-instrumentalist, Luke Station, whose vibrant third single, ‘Settle Down,’ is causing a stir in the world of soulful pop.

With inexhaustible energy and undeniable talent, Luke Station takes us on a thrilling musical journey. But that’s not all—today, we dive deep into the fascinating realm of music in video games.

From iconic themes like Halo to the art of subtle ambience, Luke explores how music enhances the immersive experience and storytelling in this captivating interactive medium. As video games continue to soar in popularity, the future promises even more impressive soundtracks, offering new horizons for both the gaming and music industries. Get ready to be inspired and amazed!

luke station

Music in Video Games

In any form of media, whether it would be film or interactive media such as video games, music will set the mood when appropriate. Growing up, I’ve always had a keen interest on how the music in a game sets up the atmosphere, themes etc. Being a form of interactive media, one would feel a more immersive experience in a video game than watching a film.

When I think of music of video games, the first few games that come to mind would be Halo, Skyrim and Super Mario Bros and the list just goes on. These are games that I grew up and some I still play to this day in my spare time.

Music in video games is such a memorable part of the playing experience as the motifs in the music have played a significant role in the process of storytelling. Even when I listen to the music on its own without playing the video game, memories kick in of where I am in the world of that game and what the surroundings are of those moments.

The placing of music is important because say for example you don’t want to rely too much on the music but instead other aspects of the game like environmental storytelling or the atmosphere of the game. Sometimes, subtle ambience tells a story better than what any form of music could.

Halo is a great example of how it places its music but also using it to work with narrative and environments within each level of the game. It isn’t always filled with heroic music motifs otherwise it would become too repetitive and tedious to listen to.

The main theme is iconic yes, but it also has different variations of that same theme depending on when and how it’s played. From dramatic tension, through a sense of mystery and wonder as well as desperation and even a hint of guilt.

It does a great job of changing and adapting to the tones of the scenery and guiding the player through the game. Because the music is used in certain moments and with good reason, it becomes more of a noticeable feature within the interactive experience of the game.

As video games have become more of a mainstream form of media, the soundtracks overtime has become more in depth and impressive to listen to that help drive the story forward. This trend is only going to grow over the years, which will provide more opportunities for people working in the video gaming and music industries.