More than 160 students in Sydney 'accidentally' given COVID jab

More than 160 students in Sydney ‘accidentally’ given COVID jab

NSW Health has reportedly given more than 160 HSC students at St Joseph’s college at Hunter’s Hill a Pfizer jab “in error”.

This “accidental” rollout has been a big problem for mums and dads across the school, who are furious that their children have been exempted from something that other kids got to enjoy – so to speak.

Even when we actually give people vaccines, we can’t get it right.

Image: The Guardian

So how did it all happen? How do you “accidentally” put a needle in someone?

According to the Sydney Local Health District – who has already given the jab to 12 students from the school – the vaccines were given out mistakenly following plans to inoculate Indigenous and rural students.

St Joseph’s College’s principal, Ross Tarlinton, said that the school had approached the Health District in May for permission to give the vaccination to students as many of them are Indigenous, and live in rural areas.

But it somehow went awry, resulting in 163 boarders from the school’s twelfth grade getting the jab despite not fitting the bill.

Roughly 150 out of 200 HSC students at St Joseph’s are, in fact, boarders.

Many of them come from Sydney families and have been living at the school for the sheer luxury, with parents paying up to $50,000 a year for tuition and boarding fees.

Meanwhile, only members of the public between the ages of 40 and 60 are legally eligible to receive the Pfizer jab in NSW.

At this point, no real information has come through as to how exactly the spill happened.

If anything, it just follows the trend of Australia’s terrible mismanagement of the vaccine overall.

This is why we can’t have nice things!