Meet ‘Theo Impala’: Kevin Parker’s new collaboration with Theophilus London

Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker and Theophilus London appear to be making some sweet tunes together – prepare for the one and only, “Theo Impala” show.

The duo are already booked for a sold-out show on October 16, where they’ll be playing new music from London’s upcoming album BeBey.

Watch the clip of the alleged “Theo Impala” show here.

Image from Aesthetic Magazine

Theo Impala: Kevin Parker adds Theophilus London to an already impressive list of collaborations after Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson, Kali Uchis and Travis Scott.

The Tame Impala brainchild produced the musician’s 2016 album Whiplash, who is set to be releasing a new single later this month.

Officially “no tour is planned” according to Tame Impala’s reps, but the two have worked on two songs together. There might just be this one-off show, but we can still hope and be excited for something more, right?

As for the psych-rock-turned-pop maestro, Kevin hopes to have a new Tame Impala album out by next year, and said he’ll be “really disappointed if he didn’t have something out by then.”

Via Tone Deaf.