4 things we’ve learned from The Lulu Raes’ Infinite Paradise (Sail Away)

The other week old mates The Lulu Raes released the video for their single Infinite Paradise (Sail Away). Epic training montages, shady sauna meetings, and a general lack of shirts make for a memorable clip, which is pretty much what we’ve come to expect from the lovable four piece. While Infinite Paradise (Sail Away) is an entertaining clip, watch it a little closer and you’ll pick up some very important life lessons. Here are a couple we’ve learned from watching the clip a couple hundred times and (perhaps) reading way too much into it.

Infinite Paradise (Sail Away)

The Lulu Raes’ Infinite Paradise (Sail Away) harbours the greatest story of rivalry and bad-assery to every grace the small screen.

The ocean is the best sensei ever

Behind every great champion there is a greater sensei. Mister Miyagi, Splinter, Kakashi Hatake; all great masters who nurture the best of the best. Yet none of them hold a candle to the strong hand of Madame Ocean. As Eddie and Taras prepare for what will no doubt be the greatest street fighter showdown in history, we find the reigning champ preparing for the showdown by the sea. She be a cruel mistress, but it’s that cruelty that sculpts the strong. After all, he’s been the reigning champ while under her tutelage, learning all manner of techniques like the Hydro Pump and the Choppy Wave Open Palm Death Strike.

Staring into your enemy’s eyes makes you stronger

Meanwhile our challenger Eddie finds himself in the dingy confines of the Knuckle Sandwich Gymnasium for Delinquents and Tough Cunts. He’s the underdog making his claim for the title. He’s taking long runs with the Sydney skyline behind him. He’s smashing down raw eggs like they’re pingas on a Friday night. He’s breaking wooden boards with his bare hands like they’re Casino Mike’s stance on lockout laws; completely soft. This is his one chance, his one shot, his opportunity. He has to capture it, or let it slip. And when you don’t have a majestic sensei to guide your iron fist, the next best thing is to keep a photo of your enemy in the dojo and stare daggers at his image for several hours a day.

The sauna is the sexiest place for shady deals

While our two combatants are training for the bout of the century via the ultra convenient method of training montage, their two managers Thomas and Marcus are pulling the strings behind the scenes. Marcellus Wallace is clearly the man behind all of this, the briefcase from Pulp Fiction making an appearance as the two meet in what is clearly a pay off. Forget shady back alleys or Italian restaurants, you’ve got to do it in the sauna. When you’re sweating it out it’s a true test of your skills as a wheeler and dealer. And if you’re going to be making back room deals, you may as well  get pampered while doing it. The key lesson here? Take time to look after your body and re-energise every now and then.

Shirts off = more views

If you want people to watch your video, get ya kit off. Nuff said.

You can catch these four sexy fellas in the flesh when they hit the road with old mates Polish Club on a very special double header tour. It’s all kicking off next Friday April 8 at the Newtown Social Club, so be sure to snap up your tix quickly, because they’ll be sold out very soon.