5 Adelaide artists to watch: a playlist by Holas May

Last week, when Holas May released his latest single Chemistry, were immediately immersed in his unique hip-hop stylings. The Adelaide-based artist has been making music for a few years now, and in that time, he’s become one of South Australia’s most exciting emerging acts.

So we figured there was no one better to give us a complete run-down of Adelaide’s thriving music scene. Here are five of Adelaide’s best new artists courtesy of Holas May…

With an epic new single fresh under his belt, Adelaide-based artist Holas May gives us a run-down on his city’s thriving music scene.


Shook, also known as Emcee Shook, is a female rapper/songwriter! She’s got a few full-length albums under her belt, a lot of beauty and a lot of bars that will most definitely make you think twice before disrespecting her! She has a hardcore, modern take on old-school hip-hop, so if you’re into that you won’t be disappointed! One of my favourite songs from her is Mysterious (48 Bars).

Argus and the Lair

Argus And The Lair is a full band and their range of music consists of hip-hop to soul and jazz. In my opinion, their recently released Black Bean EP is a classic for our city and will be for years to come – this band puts on a really cool live set that almost anyone would like!


Antigen is an electronic producer/singer and his EP is pure fire! The production on his EP The Road Ahead is super dope but don’t take my word for it. Listen to his song Against Titans and you’ll see why I’m a fan of his production.

Elsy Wameyo

I honestly can’t talk about the Adelaide music scene without mentioning Elsy Wameyo. She has grown into such a great artist and she has arguably the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard to come out of this city. Her voice is honestly pure gold. She has already made waves with songs like Daily and she has already performed for festivals like Groovin the Moo!


Legac.y is a young rapper and producer and the man has made some fine tunes. His music is organic and refreshing in the way he makes his beats. Check out his smooth jam 9pm. He’s got more music in the works and I’m excited to see what he does in the future!

Chemistry is available now. Listen here.