PREMIERE: Holas May’s new single Chemistry is all about loving someone you really shouldn’t

Holas May’s latest single Chemistry is a ruthless, beat-driven, and groovy tune that pairs experimental hip-hop tones with clever lyricism.

Hailing from Adelaide, the release is Holas May’s (real name Nicholas Mardegan) fifth single release, delivering the authentic and catchy rap tunes that we’ve been hooked on since he started out a couple of years back.

22-year-old Adelaide-based hip-hop artist Holas May is back with a new single Chemistry that’s sure to make you groove in your seat.

With an irresistible bluesy hook on the keys, an unpredictable bass line, as well as a kinetic drum beat throughout, the foundations of the song are deeply infectious. With hard-hitting rap verses like “infected my levels of dopamine, you had my heart and cut it out so I got paper and traced it out” alongside the chorus theme of “loving her despite others telling me its so wrong wrong wrong wrong but I love it,” the song is a well-thought-out rap song with depth and authenticity.

“Chemistry is inspired by loving someone you really shouldn’t because loving someone that’s a total bi*ch to you and your mates is not healthy! So the song itself is about one person describing how horrible love can be when you love someone who is a genuinely terrible person, but can’t let go of that love because well – you guessed it – love is complicating,” Mardegan says of the track.

It’s only early days for Holas May but we think he is one of Australia’s most exciting emerging hip-hop artists, and we can’t wait to hear what he delivers next. In the meantime, listen to Chemistry above.