5 fat juicy reasons Pitch Music & Arts Festival will be the tastiest electronic event of your life

One of the most exciting new festivals we saw pop up this year has been Pitch Music & Arts Festival, taking place on March 10-13 in Victoria. Dedicated electronic festivals in Australia have always felt a little weird, as if organisers didn’t want to fully commit to the idea of a house, techno and dance music event for fear of isolating themselves from Australia’s huge pub rock and indie crowd.

Pitch throws those inhibitions to the wind, fully embracing the electro crowd with stunning authenticity and a fucking unbelievable lineup. How they pulled such a powerhouse international ticket is a mystery to us, but what we do know is how keen we are to get along. Here are five reasons why you should too:

kllo pitch music & arts festival 2017

Still wondering if you should head to Pitch Music & Arts Festival? Dive headfirst into what could be the beginning of Australia’s house and techno renaissance.

Big Words

One of the newest and most exciting prospects in the Aussie hip hop game, Big Words got their start when none other then the fuckin’ Wu-Tang Clan’s own Ghostface Killer spotted their vocalist Kieren Lee busking in Melbourne. He was so inspired that soon Lee found himself spitting onstage with Ghostface – suss the video below:

Catch their silky smooth debut track Big Words below:

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Chrome Sparks

Amongst the international festival circuit Chrome Sparks are all but legendary. The US producer spent his youth going from strength to strength, ripping apart DJ competitions and weekly residencies while undergoing classical training in percussion.

It doesn’t get any better than his magnum opus Marijuana. Now four years old, it’s still an all-but-perfect set closer.

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Collaborating withe the likes of Dro Carey, Flume and Andrei Eremin, Kučka is best known as a feature artist but has a lesser-known five year stretch of formidable solo work under her belt.

Vocal electro with experimental and late-night leanings, Kučka is walking proof that diving beyond an act’s best-known hits can be ultra rewarding.

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Kristian Beyer & Frank Wiedemann are Âme, the Belgian DJ duo who simply don’t make it to Australia often enough to be ignored. They’re in the 1% of elite selectors across the world, leading sound artists across the realms of house and techno (not to mention a healthy toe-dip into acid house).

I was lucky enough to have my face blasted off by these guys at Lost Paradise two years back. You don’t want to miss Âme.


The proclivity of the electronic duo in Australia is apparent at the moment, and Kllo continue to stand above the crowd despite this over-saturation. The vocals of Chloe Kaul are in perfect synchronicity with beats nurtured by Simon Lam (previously Nearly Ontario), and they’ve been addicting Aussie listeners since their debut.

Along with Kučka and Big Words, Kllo represent three of the five Aussie acts hitting Pitch Festival. Which is reason enough to catch them anyway.


Pitch Music & Arts Festival takes place on March 10-13 near the town of Mafeking, Victoria. Grab your tickets here.