How many electronic duos can you name? Too many? Us too, so we asked Kllo to share their top five with us

Huge numbers of talented electro duos are circulating right now. The combination of a trusty beatmaker with high-caliber vox is a surefire path to success, locally and internationally.

In Kllo, Simon Lam aka Nearly Ontario (also of accomplished minimalists I’lls) lays down pristine electronic creations for vocalist Chloe Kaul to angelically style on. Their single Walls to Build dropped two weeks ago, but Kllo’s fluid electronica is simply the tip of the iceberg in the developing world of dance music pairings.


Stylish dance duos are in season, and Kllo are of the highest tier. The Melbourne artists helped us make sense of the wonderland that is the world of the electronic double-act.

With bands fitting this mould coming out of the woodwork, it can be easy to forgo some of the forefathers of the same type. While the phenomenon is extremely popular in the current scene, some of the greatest of these duos were making music decades ago.

As one of these acts, Kllo has done their research. The Melbourne two-piece have combed their music libraries for us in order to deliver you a short mix of the current and the classic.

Read on to find out what Kllo thinks are the five best electronic duos ever.

Boards of Canada

Most mysterious duo out, yet such a big inspiration to us. Also, don’t think they’ve ever done a proper tour which is really impressive with how successful they are.

Mount Kimbie

Very tasteful electronic music. Their album Cold Spring Fault Less Youth is beautiful, so we’ve definitely over played it in the studio.

Groove Theory

Amel Larrieux‘s voice is one of my favourites. RnB I love to listen to when I’m cooking or cleaning the house (so a lot.)


Have a few of their tracks on our standard DJ set list that never seem to disappoint.


Friends from Melbourne who are keeping it fresh. There’s not really anything like them in the Australian scene and we think that with how hard they’ve been working, their music is going to be at another level very soon.