Bask in the electro-pop warmth of Good Grief’s debut single ‘Sun’

Dance-pop duo Good Grief mark their arrival with debut single Sun, thank us later for bringing some sunshine into your day!

Good Grief have today released their new debut single, Sun. The fittingly titled track brims with summertime energy, with shimmering guitar licks and an infinitely groovy bassline.

The single was mixed and mastered by Mickey Kojack, who has elsewhere worked with the likes of Bag Raiders and Confidence Man. With credits like this, it’s little surprise Good Grief delivered such a stellar first effort.  

Good Grief single 'Bus'
Credit: Luke Mcleod

The danceable rhythms of those two acts can be felt all over Sun, which pairs its electronic flairs with a resplendent vocal performance. The glitter of a sunny backing synth is never outdone by the lushness of Good Grief’s timbre, making for a track that feels like the sonic equivalent of breathe of fresh air.  

The result is a track that feels purpose-built for a sun-drenched road trip or afternoon bike ride — a feat all the more impressive given that it marks Good Grief’s first-ever release. 

Good Grief single 'Bus'
Credit: Luke Mcleod

Good Grief is an electronic and dance pop duo from Queensland. Though we’ve yet to hear anything else from the pair (we have our eyes peeled), the glistening sonics of Sun pave the way for what’s sure to be a promising career for Good Grief.

Listen to Good Grief’s new single Sun below, and keep your ears pricked for future releases from the duo soon.