5 key live performers who inspired Actin’ Up, the debut single from ECLIPSE

Just last week, Newcastle producer Eclipse dropped her debut single Actin’ Up. It came to her after years spent on the DJ circuit around Australia, where she’s been able to witness first hand what the country’s best live performers look like.

So we asked Eclipse to share her knowledge. Read on for five key live performances that influenced her debut single.

Photo: Eddie Szabo

Been spinning Actin’ Up, the debut single from Newcastle’s Eclipse? Find out about five performers who helped the producer bring it to life.


Great mate! I’ve seen nearly all of his gigs and had the opportunity to be fortunate enough to be behind the scenes and help him at one of his main shows.

I’ve literally watched his journey from the get go, and have learnt soo much off this guy both musically and spiritually. He also helped to bring my sound and release to life.


Have watched this friend grow over time and his passion and drive have motivated me to work on my own stuff. His Splendour performance was amazing and inspired me to get up there hopefully one day.

Nina Las Vegas

Her sound and general dance vibes helped me to realise the sound that I wanted to create.


Couldn’t count how many times I’ve supported this guy and he has always taken the time to catch up with me and praise my warm up sets before him which has given me confidence over time.


Watching Pnau play live and the way the crowd reacts to them, plus the way they feed off the crowd made me want to work harder and be able to do what they do.


Listen to Actin’ Up by Eclipse here.