Here are 5 incredible music podcasts you should definitely be listening to

Podcasts are the future. If you don’t know it, it’s time you did. Here are five music podcasts that we reckon you should listen to.

I was very late to the podcast party. I spent years thinking podcasts were just a poor-man’s radio, hosted by a bunch of drongos who think they’re opinions are worth recording. But hey, here I am writing mine on a website.

While my assessment of podcasts is not entirely untrue, it’s also pretty far from accurate. Now, all these years later, I have been converted. Podcasts are incredible. Anyone who says otherwise has no clue what they’re talking about.

Like most people, my podcast journey began with the genre of ‘true crime’. That shit’s incredible. My tastes have since broadened, and my new fix is the ‘music podcast’.

There are far too many great music podcasts to list them all here… but here are our current favourites:

In Brackets

Hosted by WAWAWOW’s Shaun Allen, this podcast is absolutely whacked. An absurd mix of  featurettes and experimental audio, In Brackets features a local musician interviewing a selection of guests from the worlds of music, comedy, art, and more.

Get around this one.

Silent Studios

Created by musician, sound designer and audio engineer, Cameron Milne, Silent Studios pulls back the curtain on your favourite tracks. Along with the artist, Milne deconstructs tracks – getting right into the nitty gritty of how they were made. Super interesting for anyone with an interest in how music gets made.

Turned Out A Punk

Damian Abraham, lead singer of Fucked Up and Vice presenter is a legit punk. On his podcast Turned Out A Punk, Abraham interviews an artist (or just generally interesting person) every week, and explores how the discovery of punk music changed their life. Past guests include Jack Black, Jesse Michaels, John ‘Speedo’ Reis, and a heap of others.

Couch Wisdom

Presented by Red Bull Radio, Couch Wisdom conduct in-depth conversations with some of the most iconic and influential names in music. With guests like Laurie Anderson, Steve Reich, and Oneohtrix Point Never, this podcast is definitely worth your time.

Dirty Thunder Radio Club

Ok, this one may not be a pure ‘music podcast’, but Dirty Thunder Radio Club is still very closely linked with the local music community. Another local Sydney podcast, Pat Doherty and Alfie Cannock interview a range of interesting people from all over the place. Dirty Thunder also organise comedy shows and put on a live late night show, which has previously hosted such musical guests as Flowertruck.

So there you go. No more excuses. If you haven’t jumped on this bandwagon yet, now’s the time. Podcasts are the future.

If you want want to up your podcasting game, head along to Audiocraft Podcast Festival this June. With a huge list of incredible speakers, this is a must-attend for any real podcast lover.

Get more info on the Audiocraft Podcast Festival over at their website.