5 things we learned about getting loose from Lunatics on Pogosticks’ MDMAtes

Melbourne good time connoisseurs Lunatics On Pogosticks are renowned merrymakers and seem to be fond of a misadventure or two. In voyeuristic fashion they have blessed us with MDMAtes which doubles as a brief guide on being loose as well as a music video. It turns out excess can be educational, here’s a few things we learned:

lunatics on pogosticks

You and your comrades looking for a way to get loose on the weekend (or weekday)? Just look to Lunatics on Pogosticks’ MDMAtes

Mullets Really DO Bring The Party

There was a time, a very brief time, where we believed that whole “business in the front, party in the back” statement to be a farce, a great white buffalo. We had never actually ‘seen’ a man or woman truly party and let the comet tail fly so we had begun to lose faith. But Lunatics On Pogosticks have swiftly and justly reinstated our faith with MDMAtes. Not only did they go out and give a quick 1,2 to society, decency, hygiene and public perception all in the name of a good time, they filmed a mullet in all it’s glory, unleashed and expressive. Forever captured in history, the party definitely is in the back.

Be Proud of Your Gurn

This is a moment we feel that nearly everyone has experienced; whether you were living it or witnessing it take place. You’re out throwing some serious shade on the dance floor and the only thing stopping you from Travolta status is your manic, uncontrolled jaw/lips/eyeballs/hands. It’s at this time you must never suppress your gurn, lest you burst a blood vessel and end up in the dark corner rubbing the suede couch with the rest of them.

Be proud of your wild, untamed face it shows you’re having a good time (that and you have too much else going on for your brain to care about inconsequential things). Be proud, incorporate that in to your dances, be free and be hydrated. (NOTE: We do not condone illicit use to prove this point?)

Disco Balls and Blue Lights are Key

The level of importance of these two items should never be underestimated. If you enter a venue and they have neither of these turn right back around, your time is more deserved than that. If they have only one of these, a beverage and ten minutes of boogie time can be allocated. We must stress that the double attack of these atmospheric wonders is the ultimate goal, there really is nothing more exciting than being in a room full of shiny blue patterns projected on the wall it’s breathtaking and we suggest you try it.

A Wingperson is Crucial

The boys from Lunatics On Pogosticks appear to be very upfront about this, so much so the song is about that. If you are going to tread the fine line between a loose time and nerve damage then it’s made that much more complete if you have a reliable accomplice. That person is preferably on the same astral plain as you, they can calm you in the dark moments and bring fire to the placid ones. They are your Rock Of Gibraltar and when things really fly off the handle and go full Gonzo, they are there to hold your hair back.

Dance is Personal Expression

To hell with the people who seek only to make fun of a reveler stretching out for a few moves, no one should ever be made to feel bad for enjoying such a primal release. We’ve been enlightened to the fact that if you’re feeling funky, let your hips do the talking and don’t worry if it’s not IN time or IN rhythm these traits belong to flamenco or the waltz (astounding movement and comes highly recommended). Dancing is about how you feel in the moment, true dancing nirvana arrives when your brain disconnects and your heart gives directions. Most of all if we’re not feeling bombastic, we’ve realised it’s okay to just send a little shimmy out and see what comes back.

Lunatics on Pogosticks are kicking off their MDMAtes tour this Friday, proudly presented by Happy. Check out all the dates here