9 unreleased David Bowie demos will feature in a brand new boxset

On what would have been his 72nd birthday, it has been revealed that a new David Bowie box set will be released by Parlophone Records.

The box set, titled Spying Through a Keyhole (Demos and Unreleased Songs), will mark the 50th anniversary of Bowie’s 1969 self-titled album, which was later released as Space Oddity.

A new David Bowie box set featuring 9 previously unreleased demos will be available for purchase in 2019, marking 50 years since the release of Space Oddity.

The nine unreleased demos were recorded at the same period as Space Oddity, set to be released for the first time as 7″ singles. Among the demos are acoustic home recordings, early recordings of In the Heat of the Morning and two versions of the title track Space Oddity, one of which is said to be the first ever recorded demo.

Spying Through a Keyhole is a lyric taken from the previously unreleased song Love All Around, a statement on Bowie’s website offers.

Previously released Parlophone box sets include 2015’s Five Year 1969-1973, 2016’s Who Can I Be Now?, 2017’s A New Career in a New Town and 2018’s Loving the Alien.


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PARLOPHONE SET TO RELEASE RARE BOWIE TRACKS – “…spying through a keyhole from the other room…” – On what would have been David Bowie’s 72nd birthday and with 2019 marking 50 years since David Bowie’s first hit, Space Oddity, we are excited to announce that Parlophone is set to release a 7″ vinyl singles box set of nine rare recordings from the era during which Space Oddity was first conceived. The title: Spying Through A Keyhole, is a lyric taken from the previously unknown song: Love All Around. Go here for the full details: (Temp link on main page or visit news) – #BowieSTAK

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Spying Through a Keyhole Tracklist

01. Mother Grey (demo)
02. In The Heat Of The Morning (demo)
03. Goodbye 3d (Threepenny) Joe (demo)
04. Love All Around (demo)
05. London Bye, Ta-Ta (demo)
06. Angel, Angel, Grubby Face (demo version 1)
07. Angel, Angel, Grubby Face (demo version 2)
08. Space Oddity (demo excerpt)
09. Space Oddity (demo – alternative lyrics, with John Hutchinson)

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