Sleater-Kinney will release a brand new album in 2019, produced by St. Vincent

The ultimate girl gang has been formed with the announcement that Sleater-Kinney’s new 2019 album will be produced by St. Vincent.

The announcement came via consecutive Twitter posts by Sleater-Kinney and St. Vincent, with a photo of the whole stylish bunch in the studio. The caption simply read ‘Sleater-Kinney. Produced by St. Vincent. 2019’.


American rock band Sleater-Kinney have announced the release of their upcoming 2019 album, produced by singer-songwriter St. Vincent, with a serious girl-band shot in the studio.

In an interview with NPR yesterday, SK guitarist Carrie Brownstein said, “We always planned on getting back in the studio — it was just a matter of when. If there is an overarching principle to this album, it’s that the tools on which we were relying proved inadequate. So we sought new ones, both metaphorically and literally”.

This album will follow No Cities to Love  released in 2015, which came after 10 years of radio silence.

St. Vincent has appeared in Brownstein’s absurdist comedy show Portlandia and covered SK’s Modern Girl in her MASSEDUCATION tour last year.

Via Consequences of Sound.