Sleater-Kinney – No Cities to Love

The indie rock group hailing from Washington State have already had a huge 2015. After releasing their first album in just under a decade, No Cities to Love on January 2 has garnered huge amounts of positive response and really the ladies know no different as Sleater-Kinney has become one of the most critically acclaimed groups in history throughout their colourful history.


Sleater-Kinney are back and they sure as hell ain’t pulling any punches. Prepare for some bitchin’ riffs on No Cities to Love.

While sonically contrasting to their riot grrrl debut album recorded in Melbourne over 20 years ago, No Cities to Love is Sleater-Kinney’s eighth great album now which is really quite an amazing achievement to behold. Continuing their creative DNA with huge pop choruses that are absolutely unmatched in any punk group with DIY origins the group continue to punch some blistering angular guitar riffs that are straight up yet acute… Even when they are a little obtuse they are just right for the energy these veteran performers still produce.

Seasoned Sleater-Kinney fans can still be impressed by the seriously bitching down-tuned guitar riffs and the lyrical nature of the songs. Although this album is really for the new fans, it is such an easy on the ears album that is so accessible for any musical background. Opener, Price Tag sets the tone for the album, Sleater-Kinney are still very much disappointed with modern day politics influencing people to by lured by the potential riches that capitalism entices. Title track No Cities to Love is another standout track with an off-kilter but seriously catchy chorus that challenges people’s fetishism with the cities they visit or the one they live in. They suggest almost smugly that hey, maybe it’s just the weather you’re into and the city just happens to be there.

Sleater-Kinney aren’t shy however to throwback to icons of their prime through appearing on late night talk shows popularised in the 90s on Conan performing Surface Envy as well as Letterman earlier this year performing A New Wave complete with a golden chorus lyrics “Eyes are the only witness/Die to prove we ever lived this/Invent our own kind of obscurity”.

The riot grrrls will have a busy year of touring the first half of 2015 with many shows booked around North America and Europe, Carrie Brownstein has already hinted that an Australian tour is in the works for the end of 2015. Watch this space punx. These ladies may be older but they still bite hard.



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