A couple in India have been buying land near a tiger reserve to let the forest grow

A positive in the midst of our climate crisis: this couple are doing what they can to preserve land in rural India.

After quitting their jobs in civil services, Aditya and Poonam Singh left their life in Dehli to relocate to a rural part of India in Rajasthan.

Here’s some positive news: a couple in India have been buying land next to a tiger reserve just to let the forest grow back.

After moving to a rural corner of India, the couple realised they had relocated to the boundary of the famous former Ranthambore Tiger Reserve which closed in 1998.

Yet to the dismay of Aditya and Poonam, who had spotted wildlife in the area, parts of the land surrounding the reserve had been left damaged. This inspired them to purchase sections of the land.

Now they’ve managed to revitalise and restore a whopping 35 acres to a lush, green, and healthy standard over the last two decades. An unbelievable accomplishment, the area is now visited and utilised regularly by animals from tigers to wild boars – the natural environment thriving with valuable resources.

Whilst they have to be careful to observe restrictions to maintain that no flora or fauna are impacted by humans, the couple have both now taken on roles that immerse them within the landscape and wildlife. Aditya is a photographer, and Poona has joined forces with her husband to open a tourist resort to ensure they are able to maintain their living and continue to nourish the sections of land they own.

To find out more about Aditya and Poonam’s story, check out this short documentary below.