PREMIERE: Synth-pop quartet DOLLY ZOOM deliver a stunning soundscape on their new single

Brisbane four-piece DOLLY ZOOM have arrived. The psychedelic synth-pop group have followed up their debut single with yet another sample of their sonic summonings. If you’re into Tame Impala and Daft Punk, as are they, go no further.

DOLLY ZOOM have released their second single I Think You’d Know By Now and it’s everything 2020 is asking of them: a little psych, a little synth and whole lot of surround sound.

Forecasting a huge debut EP, I Think You’d Know By Now is the second single from DOLLY ZOOM. Much like their first single, which caught the attention of radio stations nationwide, DOLLY ZOOM like to set the scene.

The first few moments of I Think You’d Know By Now are an echo to the opening credits to Stranger Things. Rising like an eerie precursor to an 80’s sci-fi, pearly synths are the bedrock of the five-minute-long track. A modern melody is introduced through patiently paced guitar work. This middle section is rich with intricacies and supports the songs frosted icing: an airy array of vocal harmonies.

Spoilt for sensory appeal, it’s easy to forget there’s any message to receive other than pure appreciation. But there’s more to this pop-anthem than meets the ear. Thematically, I Think You’d Know By Now is simply, or not so simply, about love:

“It’s a song about relationships and love, in today’s sometimes confusing dating landscape.”

The mantra repetition we’ve come to appreciate of artist’s like Kevin Parker, is reflected here also. The quizzical chorus “Could it be?/ What it seems?” is answered with a floral falsetto “I think you’d know by now”. Drilled in with bright and relentless cymbals, the constant questioning and answering is reflective of the modern dating world.

DOLLY ZOOM have forecasted themselves to be one to watch. Progressive and without assumption, they’ve seemingly crafted a song so of the times that is remains to be classified a modern classic.