A group of ballsy teenagers are actually suing the American government for their ignorance of climate change

With the prospect of Donald Trump pulling out of Paris agreement 21 seeming a little too real at the moment, planeteers all over the world are curled up in the fetal position, waiting for the imminent ecological downfall of Mother Earth.

Except for these group of young Americans, who seem to boast more willingness to fuck the man more than anyone else on the planet combined. A recent court ruling has decreed that a group of teenagers from Oregon have legitimate legal grounds to question the American authority for their negligence on this glaring issue.

Suing the American Government
Xiuhtezcatl Martinez. Photo courtesy of IFLScience.

Since their leaders aren’t going to do anything about it, a group of Oregon teenagers are suing the American government in hopes to halt climate change.

The legal battle began early last year when the group met up and decided their were within their constitutional rights to fight the growing ignorance of global warming. They would be the ones inheriting a broken planet, after all.

Since US District Court Judge Ann Aiken ruled their argument legal, the government is now obliged to follow proper court protocol with the case, meaning it could go as far as the Supreme Court.

“My generation is rewriting history,” Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, a 16-year-old plaintiff, declared. “We’re doing what so many people told us we were incapable of doing: holding our leaders accountable for their disastrous and dangerous actions.”

Via IFLScience.