A Heath Ledger doco is coming and the first trailer is a heartbreaker

The first trailer for a forthcoming Heath Ledger documentary has just emerged and it’s a heartbreaker.

heath ledger documentary

A Heath Ledger documentary is coming and the first trailer is a heartbreaker. Watch it below.

The doco, titled I Am Heath Ledger, revolves around a number of home movies Ledger filmed both before and during his rise to fame. Friends and family said that he always had a camera with him.

It also features a number of interviews with the likes of Ben Harper, model and ex-girlfriend Christina Cauchi, director Ang Lee, Katie Ledger and childhood friend N’fa Foster-Jones.

The doco will air on Spike TV in the US on May 17, after premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival in April.

A date hasn’t been set yet for an Australian release date. Keep your eyes peeled though.