A new Discogs update lets you buy records straight from the app

As you know, Discogs is the largest physical music database in the world and ab online marketplace allows you to buy and sell CDs, vinyl and cassettes to and from collectors across the globe.

Now this probably won’t help your vinyl addiction at all, but yesterday Discogs announced a pretty huge update to their official app.

Discogs has just announced a major update for iOS devices, which allows users to buy records and access all payment histories on the app.

Another nifty update includes the integration of the online marketplace with VinylHub. This is a database that accounts for every physical record shop and record event, which is consistently updated by its users.

The app originally launched two years ago as a means for record fanatics to manage their collections and wishlists on the website. The most recent update means that users and buyers will no longer need to use the actual web browser to make purchases as the primary sales function will be available within the app.

Discogs has made it easier than ever before for any record collectors and devout crate diggers looking to complete their collections. The app will account for over 80,000 Discogs sellers, 9 million releases and nearly 4o million total items for sale within its expansive marketplace.

Whatever music you’re after, there’s a pretty high chance Discogs has you covered, with over 190 formats documented within the app.

The new update also allows you to communicate with buyers and sellers right from your phone, in any place, at any time. You can also review daily wantlist messages, add and take away items from your cart, check the status of your current purchases and all of your previous sales history.

Discogs has promised even more improvements over the coming months, but in the meantime the new VinylHub integration allows users to see if a nearby record shop has the product they are looking for, or if it’s available anywhere else.

Via The Vinyl Factory.