Track every show you’ve ever been to with this awesome gig database

After bumping around a music scene for a couple of years, you start to scratch together a pretty hefty resume of shows to your name. Whether you remember them all with perfect clarity or most of your list was garnered in late, sweaty stupors, most music fans will be familiar with the internal question: “just how many gigs have I been to?”

We just found out about Concert Archives, a gig database that seems to ease the labour of this monstrous task somewhat by aggregating concert data, set lists, photos, videos and reviews in the one place, allowing you to finally tackle that personal master list without losing your mind in the process.

concert archives

Just how many concerts have you been to in your life? If your numbers are as high as ours, this new gig database is an absolute godsend.

The archive is far from complete, but these tools always thrive on user input, which is sure to grow over time. For example only 687 concerts over 102 venues have been charted in Sydney, a far cry from the actual numbers.

Regardless, it’s a fun tool and jumping through your city’s past shows is a good time (Daft Punk’s Alive show at Olympic Park on December 22 2007 with Cut Copy, The Presets and Muscles anybody?)

Registration is free so jump in to see how deep your own rabbit hole goes, and help grow this great idea into something more formidable.

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