Why didn’t we think of this first? A record player with Spotify integration is on its way

Vinyl’s second coming has opened the floodgates for a bonus round of crazy pressings, new technology and general experimentation in the world of wax. Advancements of the last week have leant towards record players themselves, giving way to a potentially huge new way of listening to vinyl.

It’s a miracle this hasn’t been developed already, but a company is attempting to push a record player with Spotify integration. The details are currently murky at best, but the possibilities have us bouncing off the walls.

record player with spotify integration

The vinyl revolution hasn’t slowed down in 2017 as news of a record player with Spotify integration reaches our hungry ears.

The new turntable comes courtesy of London-based mastering studio, record label and audiophile playback room Gearbox Records, who have launched a Kickstarter for a Spotify integrated record player.

Currently they’re promising the ability to recognise tracks played on the turntable and add them to a Spotify playlist, assuming they’re on the library of course. It would be awesome to see this feature deepened – imagine plays from your record player contributing to your recommendations and Discover Weekly playlist.


The Gearbox Automatic record player is expected to ship by December 1, but there’s almost no doubt other companies will follow suit – the idea is too attractive to pass up.

Via Fact Mag.