Zero gravity records? Like something straight out of a science fiction flick, you can soon grab yourself a levitating turntable

The world’s first floating record player is here. Brought to you by MAG-LEV audio, it’s a turntable that hovers for a supposedly superior experience…but it’s mostly just fuckin’ cool.

Using magnets to achieve levitation, the record player avoids any friction conventional turntables would experience by moving your disc through the air.

levitating turntable

In the latest way to one-up your friends’ record collection, you’ll soon enough be able to get your hands on the world’s first levitating turntable.

Featuring a speed select button and cueing function, this project is expected to ship in August 2017, so you’ll have to wait just under a year to get your dirty mitts on one of these bad boys.

You can find out more on MAG-LEV Audio’s Kickstarter.

This article originally appeared on Fact Mag.