A Strange Day experiment and mesmerise on their new album ASD

Listening to ASD, the new album from Melbourne outfit A Strange Day, feels a lot like walking into a large body of water. It’s simultaneously dense and free-flowing, engrossing the space around your skin.

Though once you enter A Strange Day’s river of experimentation and innovative ideas, you’ll likely never want to exit. It’s mesmerising, and kind of addictive.

Simultaneously dense and free, Melbourne group A Strange Day’s new album ASD will mesmerise you with its rich, atmospheric soundscapes.

On ASD, the band effortlessly meld characteristics of shoegaze, grunge, post-punk, dance, and electronica to craft a lush, atmospheric sound that’s completely unique to themselves.

As they sail through these rich soundscapes, the band construct an album that builds upon itself with each new moment. By its conclusion, your left feeling both satisfied and hungry for more.

Album opener Between The Lines immediately grabs your attention with glittery synths and clashing percussion that together feel like the soundtrack to some demented underground disco.

The track then explodes into a gauzy slice of psych tinged shoegaze, oozing out effect-drenched guitars and woozy vocals.

Come Alive is one of the punchier tracks on the record, weighted by a thumping heartbeat-like drum beat. Weightless vocals and gravelly guitars are then layered on top to create a heavy four minutes of music.

ASD closer Emptiness is a perfect showcase of the band’s versatility, beginning with delicate ambience before weaving through elements of electronica and post-punk.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new album above, and catch the band live at their album on launch on July 7th at The Curtin in Carlton, Victoria. More info on that here.