A meeting of kindred musical minds: Ainsley Farrell and Georgia Mulligan interview each other

Ainsley Farrell and Georgia Mulligan seem to exist on the same creative wavelength. Ainsley’s newest single Walls explores a heavier side of folk rock, ascending from a mellow ballad to a squalling crescendo. While Georgia’s two 2018 singles, The Dark and So Long, are similarly subdued, revelling in refined guitar lines and sombre melodies.

However, listening to both side-by-side, you are immediately struck by a profound emotional force. They are by no means the same artist, but we feel they are kindred musical minds, so we were thrilled when we were handed the transcript of a chat they had a little back. Have a read below!

Ainsley Farrell Georgia Mulligan
This awesome collage is by the very talented Chelsea Meatchem

Kindred musical minds Ainsley Farrell and Georgia Mulligan take some time to chat creative inspiration and food obsessions.

Ainsley to Georgia

AINSLEY: What is your first music-related memory?

GEORGIA: Definitely not a very cool one. I was quite into The Wiggles as a child, however, I’m pretty sure the Play School soundtrack remains one of my key influences.

AINSLEY: Worst and best gig?

GEORGIA: Ha. Well there have been many mediocre gigs in terms of turn-out, but they are usually not the worst ones – the worst ones are when I feel like I’m not able to be totally present while playing, when I’m distracted or self-conscious. Some of the best ones have been my EP launch in 2016 and our recent single launch at Cobra Club last month – on both occasions the room was filled with people I care about, who were actually listening.

AINSLEY: If you weren’t pursuing music, what else would you be pursuing?

GEORGIA: I’ve actually been asking myself that question a lot lately – what else could I be doing that might be worthwhile, and that I might actually enjoy? I suppose I would go back to uni, I’m a big history junkie so I always thought I would do my Masters in History or Museum Studies.

For now I’ve decided to prioritise music stuff and really give it a red-hot go with the new album and everything before I think about doing something else. However, I have found that most of my favourite songwriters have had many lives – I like to think that it is possible to pursue different interests and opportunities and return to songwriting all the richer for it.

AINSLEY: What artist are you listening to a lot at the moment?

GEORGIA:Sarah Mary Chadwick (Melbourne) just put out a new album, Sugar Still Melts in the Rain. She is an amazing writer and visual artist. I feel like she is a pop genius with no filter on her emotions.

AINSLEY: Raisins or grapes?

GEORGIA: Aaah. Probably grapes.

Georgia to Ainsley

GEORGIA: Was there a particular artist that first inspired you to write songs?

AINSLEY: I think it’s probably come from accumulated bits of inspiration from many different artists over time. But when I first picked up a guitar, I had no idea what I was doing so I just played something until it sounded alright and then sang along with it. It was easier/ more fun to just make up my own songs by ear than to learn actual theory.

GEORGIA: Top 3 albums you have obsessed over?

AINSLEY: Ohh this is hard… I’ll say Dig On by She Keeps Bees, Charades by The Shivers, and Strawberry Jam by Animal Collective

GEORGIA: Are you more ‘slow-and-steady’ or ‘stream of consciousness’ in your creative process?

AINSLEY: Very ‘stream of consciousness’ for the most part, but then slow and steady when I’m trying to finish a song that I only have part of. There’s a lot of ‘stream of consciousness’ half songs on the backburner and I’ll rotate through them to see if I can bring any to fruition.

GEORGIA: How do you come up with music video ideas? Do you always have strong imagery in your head when a song is first coming together?

AINSLEY: I usually have an idea in my head of how I’d like a music video to be for a song, but I don’t ever have the budget or gear to fulfil those dreams so I start off with a pretty simple idea and let it grow from there. A lot of it is just what can I come up with in the environment I’m in at the time and then starting to gradually pull in inspiration from my surroundings.

GEORGIA: Lentils or chickpeas?

AINSLEY: Oh no Georgia, Don’t make me choose! … Alright, chickpeas. Because hummus.