A UK illustrator has created a series of epic Simpsons and Pokémon mash-ups. Feast your eyes

UK illustrator and designer Nick Thompson goes by ThumbsDesign, and has a special talent for creating seamless pop culture mash-ups. Releasing these designs as shirts, stickers  and pins, each one is an absolute treat, combining characters from Adventure Time, Scooby-Doo, Bob’s Burgers and more.

What we’re really into though, are his Simpsons and Pokémon mash-ups. These pins are off the chain.


Combining two of the longest running and most loved animations in the world, ThumbsDesign has created some flawless Simpsons and Pokémon mash-ups.

The designs look amazing, and the mash-ups themselves are really well put together, the faces of Simpsons’ characters transitioning perfectly onto the bodies of different Pokémon.

See our picks from the designs below, featuring Frank Grimes, Barney, Grandpa Simpson, Krusty and Milhouse spliced onto some of your favourite first generation Pokémon.

Krusty/Mr. Mime
Grandpa Simpson/Drowsee
Simpsons and Pokémon mash-ups
Frank Grimer

For the rest of ThumbsDesign’s work, or to see what these look like on shirts or stickers, head over to his website.

Via Smosh.