Aaron James releases heart-igniting debut album ‘Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore’

Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore is a profound and evocative debut album, that reads like Aaron James’ personal diary.

Aaron James is an alt-folk singer-songwriter from Memphis, Tennessee, who radiates charisma and showcases delicious vocals that make your heart melt.

He definitely has a way with words, with meticulously crafted lyrics that weave heart-wrenching emotions into his storytelling. His debut LP, Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore, chronicles personal adventures, exploring the complexity of romantic relationships.

Aaron James
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Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore feels like one long meaningful conversation and musings about love, peppered with tracks filled with sorrow, the ache of longing, anger, and even optimism about future relationships. The album was written during a time when Aaron felt it was virtually impossible to choose love, and even felt a sense of irresponsibility to even search for it.

These emotions can be heard through the carefully crafted instrumentation led by Aaron James’ guitar playing. With intricately layered melodic textures, and richness of piano chords that have sombre undertones. The tracks tug at your heartstrings and spring tears in your eyes as you journey through the emotional highs and lows of Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore.


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Aaron told Happy, “I feel that dedicating an album to this emotion is almost my retaliation to that guilty feeling of searching for love in what often feels like a loveless world. I hope these songs can inspire and encourage people to choose having human experiences and not give up on love for the comfort of simulation.”

Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore guides you through a collection of imaginative, folk-centric tracks that were recorded with a team of three producers and multi-instrumentalists, featuring co-producer Kid Maestro, and keyboard/piano/harmony vocalist, Eillo. The album was produced in ad hoc settings, one setting being a shed. They captured the rawness of these various settings, leaving in the DIY vibe that aids the dialogue on love, creating a more honest feel which wouldn’t have been captured in an overproduced setting.

Aaron James
Credit: Press

Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore is a profound and heart-igniting debut album, that reads like Aaron James’ personal diary. It travels through the six degrees of separation, and the frustration of modern dating in such a mesmerising way. It is an album that will capture your heart, and you’ll find yourself yearning to listen to it over and over again, allowing yourself to be swept away in the whirlwind of emotions.

Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore is out via Memphis-based indie label, Unapologetic. Stream Nobody Really Makes Love Anymore via Spotify below.