Aaron Marc establishes a far-reaching artistic vision on his debut EP

Originating from Perth and now based in Berlin, Aaron Marc is a composer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has just released his first solo EP. 

The self-titled three-track EP explores the texture of sound and is the perfect introduction to Aaron Marc’s unconventional artistic vision. 

Aaron Marc

Aaron Marc has just delivered his first solo EP, which is set to transport you straight into his deeply engaging sonic universe.

Combining creamy melodies and weaving rhythms with dark and hazy vocals and dispersing elements from several genres, Aaron Marc creates his enthralling sound. It becomes immediately apparent that Marc pays the most meticulous attention to detail, forming musical arrangements that are multi-layered, with every sonic wave perfectly complementing each other. As a multi-instrumentalist who arranges all components of his sound, it is clear that Marc would have painstakingly obsessed over every aspect of each track, ensuring a flawless delivery which is as dark and broody as it is a dance-worthy groove.

Early days as a guitarist inspired by the great rock players and blues legends, Aaron Marc has spent years forming his own sense of artistry, fusing these original influences with an eclectic mix of electronic and pop. Opening track Vortex instantly draws you in with its rhythm and introduces Marc’s distinctive vocal ability. His voice carries dark and earthy tones, and despite the eclectic number of layers in the track, the vocals really stand out, particularly when he harmonises. Furthermore, listeners become very quickly aware that Marc writes purposeful lyrics that leave you hanging on to every word.

It is evident that while Marc originated from Australia, his years of travel have ignited a strong sense of worldliness, and now residing in Berlin means that the underground techno scene may have played a part in shaping his unique sound. However, it can be seen that the intricate rhythms help Marc to create a sound which isn’t quite definable, but rather a reflection of his personal experiences of the world. Track number two, Sycophant instantly makes you want to move, and the higher notes Marc hits in the chorus leave you covered in goosebumps. Out of the three tracks, this one is most certainly a standout and seeing it performed live would be nothing short of incredible. 

The echoing sound of the EP’s final track Ocean makes it the perfect track to listen too through a pair of good quality headphones. This track seems to exhibit Marc’s more traditional influences, with a heavy focus on electric guitar and far less synthetic sounds than the first two tracks. The addition of a brass part towards the end of the track ties not only the track together but the entire EP, demonstrating just how talented Aaron Marc is as a multi-instrumentalist. 

While 2020 has already been a big year for emerging talent, few have stood as with such potential as Aaron Marc. Listen to his self-titled EP below and lose yourself in his mesmerising sound.