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Ableton rolls out huge suite of Live 10 tutorial videos

Ableton Live 10 rolled out a few months ago, an update many were hailing as the DAW’s biggest ever. It included an entire suite of quality-of-life changes, some shiny new hacks, and a brand new wavetable synth, among other features.

For every experienced user who updated their software from Live 9, you can all but guarantee there’s a new producer or engineer grabbing the program for the first time. To cater to those learning the software, Ableton has been publishing a ton of great videos describing the ins and outs of their DAW.ableton live 10 tutorial videos

Been meaning to learn Live 10? Ableton has your back with a series of 59 videos running through the program’s basic and advanced features.

The tutorials range from your literal step one, setting up an audio interface, to the more intricate elements of the program’s new built-in synthesiser.

You’ll find details grouped into four areas; ‘Setup’, ‘Interface’, ‘Instruments & Effects’, and ‘Workflows’. Even if you’ve been an Ableton user for quite some time, there’s always the chance you’ll stumble upon a new trick or nugget of wisdom.

Although short, the videos and nice and detailed. Check the first in the series out for yourself below.

Find the full suite of tutorial videos on Ableton’s website.