Acapella has never sounded as good as it does on the new EP from MVP

MVP have mustered up some serious vocal vibes on their self-titled EP; a dreamy, harmonic masterpiece.

MVP do an incredible job at creating a rich and complex soundscape which is constantly refreshed with new forms of vocal experimentation and dynamic sound effects.

Did I say Acapella? Yes, that’s right… nothing but the gentle and expert mixtures of golden female vocals. It’s an incredibly fascinating project to listen to. Mostly because normally it would be hard to imagine how traditional instrumentation could be replicated with just vocals.

The opening track All About You is a wonderful introduction into the caramel textures characteristic of MVP’s smooth vocal harmonies. The song is complex and edgy yet at the same time so accessible. Not long after the first chorus, you’ll find yourself humming to the delicately layered extracts of rap-like lyricism which is all incredibly catchy.

Can’t Get You Off My Mind is the perfect example of how a thumping dance song can be so masterfully constructed with nothing but the power of the voice. The driving force of the song is the exotic thump of a reggaeton style beat which is layered to perfection with sweeping bassy hums.  It’s topped off with a joyously poppy chorus that will remain, with pleasure, stuck in your head for days after.

MVP prove with undeniable ease that it’s certainly possible to produce an interesting and diverse EP with a thoughtfully minimalist approach. By focusing just on their vocal instruments, it is clear that MVP have explored the greatest extents of the voice and mastered their craft to compose something that is really quite special to listen to.

If you’ve not dabbled too deeply into acapella beforehand, MVP are the perfect start and should be regarded as a staple in the acappella genre.

Their latest self-titled EP is now available to stream on Spotify and other platforms. Get stuck into it below: