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Need a bassline? Dig Deep is the new OPFXS pedal which does just that

Italian pedal company, OPFXS, has announced a new pedal, Dig Deep – a subharmonic generator that is similar to an octave pedal, except it only tracks the lowest notes of your guitar chords.

If you’re a solo musician looking to fatten out your sound, or a group without a bassist, this pedal is one of the most convincing on the market. OPFXS themselves suggests the pedal can be used to aid a thin guitar sound or else emulate the presence of a bassist.

Need bass but don’t have a bassist? Check out this new pedal from OPFXS, Dig Deep, perfect for adding bass accompaniment to your guitar.

The pedal has two controls: Clean, which controls the level of the dry signal, and Depth, which controls the level of the lower octave. It tracks accurately when playing arpeggios or strummed chords, and even works with complex chords or inversions.

Apparently the pedal responds well to many types of electric instruments, so it can be used on things other than guitar. It also sounds great when followed by another pedal, like an overdrive or distortion, so there’s plenty of room to play.

Dig Deep is now available from OPFXS for about $240 AUD. Head over to their website for more info.

Check out the demo below.