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Introducing the BassIQ Blue Label envelope filter from EBS

The BassIQ Blue Label is a triple envelope filter from EBS. EBS are the curators of professional bass equipment, mostly known for their pro-level bass amps and effects.

The Blue Label can tackle any of your filtering requirements from funky wah tones, to spaced-out synth vibrations.EBS BassIQ

Get funky with the BassIQ Blue Label. Using their Scandinavian know-how, EBS created an envelope filter that simply does it all.

Features include customary Threshold and Attack controls as well as filter mode and type. The Threshold and Attack let you set the sensitivity of how the pedal responds to your playing. The Q knob dictates how wide the filter is going to be over the frequency spectrum. The higher the Q value, the sharper your filter sweep will be.

The next most interesting features of the pedal are the filter mode and type controls. In the Up mode, the pedal responds with a wah effect and you can get synth bass sounds from the Down mode. The UP-R mode works like Up, but also interacts with an internal control that changes the range of the envelope effect. Similarly, the filter type lets you pick between Full Range, Band Pass, and Low Pass filters to further spice up your bass tone.

Check out this sound demo from EBS themselves.

For more on the BassIQ Blue Label and EBS visit their website.