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Meet Colossus – the new monster synth from Analogue Solutions

Analogue Solutions have recently announced Colossus’ upcoming debut at this year’s Synthfest in the UK. Colossus is a perfect example of a phenomenon many synth fans will know of – builds can sometimes end up getting absolutely huge.

This mega-synth is an homage to the classic 1970 EMS Synthi 100. The synth’s circuit isn’t cloned or copied from the Synthi, but signals an evolution from Analogue Solutions’ previous synths such as the Polymath and Telemark. Analogue Solutions Colossus

Meet Analogue Solutions super-sized synth, Colossus. This ginormous noisemaker is soon to be unveiled at this year’s Synthfest.

Colossus is a large scale analogue synthesizer in a solid metal case, edged in hardwood. The original Synthi was so large it wouldn’t fit through a standard doorway. Fortunately, this is not the case with Colossus.

Features include 12 oscillators with multi-turn vernier knobs, 12 VCAs and 8 filters (4 LPF, 4 multi-mode) with dedicated envelopes. There are also two spring reverbs, touch keyboards, step sequencers, moving coil meters, joysticks and so much more. The system patching is all minijack and it’s even got moving coil VU meters and a built-in oscilloscope.

There is no doubt that this behemoth is unlike anything we’ve seen in recent times – a distinct reversal of the trend for minimising synths. For more information on the Colossus visit the product page or check out Synthfest visit their website.