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Red Witch has launched the Synthotron II analog synth pedal

Red Witch Synthotron II

Who said keyboard players get to have all the fun. The Synthotron II, from New Zealand pedal masters Red Witch, is the latest to take on the challenge of turning the guitar into a full-blown analog synthesizer.

Not content with the digital simulation route, Red Witch’s latest “has all the delicate filth of a generation of analog ’70s synths!” Sounds promising.Red Witch Synthotron II

The Synthotron II, from New Zealand boutique pedal lords Red Witch, is a gateway drug for guitarists who wish to sate their analog synth addiction.

The Roland guitar synths of ’70s sparked a decades long fascination with warping the sound of guitar to the whim of synth tones. The new offering from Red Witch harkens back to those glory days, while simultaneously offering an upgrade in stability from version I – “but not too stable.”

Under the hood, the pedal features dual analog synthesizers, up to two octaves up and one octave down, independent synth and filter, sample hold, envelope filter and most importantly, “analog synth mayhem.”

As can be heard in the demo, the pedal ranges from retro, 8 bit tones, through to the acid house squelches that are redolent of the TB-303 and funky envelope filter textures.

For more info, head over to the Red Witch website.


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October 1, 2019