Prepare to meet your maker with the Red Witch Fuzz God IV

Prepare to meet your maker with the Red Witch Fuzz God IV

Red Witch’s latest stompbox is one for the control freaks. Meet the versatile Fuzz God IV, the most dial-able fuzz on the planet”.

New Zealand-based company Red Witch has released the Fuzz God IV as part of their Fuzz God series. The latest iteration is undoubtedly their best yet. 

The creators themselves boast that the Fuzz God IV is “the most dial-able fuzz on the planet”. This is because it features 3 footswitches and 4 different knobs, creating an unusual amount of versatility for a single effect pedal. The footswitches control effect engagement, Octavia and Wrath Oscillation. The knobs control volume, Fuzz, Wrath and Sputter.

Fuzz god Iv

An obvious advantage of all these features is the multiple characters that this fuzz can take on, allowing for multiple, distinct, distortion-flavoured tones in a single unit. As Red Witch themselves say, “there is not a lot it can’t do“.

An especially helpful feature is TRI colour LED lights indicating various pedal modes. The colours include Red (Engaged), Blue (Octavia), Green (Wrath), Violet (Fuzz with Octavia), Cyan (Fuzz with Wrath) and White (Fuzz with Octavia and Wrath).

Red Witch is currently including free express DHL Shipping to anyone that preorders the Fuzz God IV. To find out more go to the Red Witch website.