Moog has unveiled the sleek and vintage-inspired Dark Series

Moog has unveiled the sleek and vintage-inspired Dark Series

Moog has introduced the Dark Series for their Matriarch and Grandmother synthesisers, inspired by the look of vintage modular synthesizers.

Moog has released a nostalgically-inspired version of their Matriarch and Grandmother synths. It’s dubbed the Dark Series and features a dark finish similar to primordial Moog modular systems. 

The Matriarch and the Grandmother are both recent semi-analog synthesisers from Moog. They have a  similar workflow to classic Moog analog synthesisers while still featuring contemporary specs (such as extensive MIDI control). The original version of both synthesisers feature visually striking panels, coloured with green, purple, yellow and blue.

Moog dark series

The Grandmother is the Matriarch’s compact little sibling (despite the misleading name), a smaller instrument with fewer octaves and streamlined features. For example, the Matriarch has dual and four-note paraphonic support that allows you to play multiple notes at once while the Grandmother is a monosynth

Differences between the Dark Series and original Matriarch and Grandmother series are entirely cosmetic. The Dark Series gives the Matriarch and Grandmother a black finish, resulting in a subtle and slicker look.

The release of the Dark Series coincides with a handful of other announcements from Moog, such as protective cases for the Matriarch and Grandmother series. There was also a firmware update for both synthesisers that allows users to explore new patches.

To find out more go to the Moog website.